Model and Philosophy

Training Model and Program Philosophy

The Erie Psychological Consortium began in September 2003 and has been accredited by the American Psychological Association since that time.  The internship is accredited through 2016.  Two thousand hours of supervised clinical experiences are provided and follow a professional practitioner model of clinical training.  Emphasis is placed on providing a broad range of neuropsychological assessment, psychological assessment, and treatment experiences with various patient populations utilizing current techniques.  Extensive supervision is provided by the primary supervisor and clinical director.  Interns are also exposed to various didactic training and experiential seminars, particularly related to cultural diversity.

Emphasis is placed on developing and preparing competent clinical psychologists, and preparing for professional practice in a variety of settings.  These include inpatient rehabilitation, acute medical, and a number of outpatient settings.  Two primary rotations are included.  The Northshore setting will focus on neuropsychological assessment, and the Safe Harbor rotation will focus on an outpatient clinical setting.  The internship provides development of skills with various neuropsychological assessments and populations.  Opportunities for individual and group therapy are also provided.  Opportunities to participate in an inter-disciplinary team setting within the rehabilitation program are also available.