Requirements of Completion of Internship

During the training year (2,000 hours), interns will be expected to:

  • Maintain a therapy caseload of approximately 8-10 individuals
  • Facilitate a minimum of 2 groups per week
  • Complete a minimum of 1 psychological battery per month
  • Complete a minimum of 2 psychosocial/intake assessments per month
  • Participate in a minimum of 4 hours of supervision/consultation per week – of which 2 will be individual face-to-face supervision made up of:
    • EPC Program Director, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • NPA Primary Supervisor, Doctoral-Level Supervision NPA Meeting with Neurologist/Neurology Resident Supervision
    • HealthSouth IDT Meetings with MD/Neurologists/Psychiatrists
    • HealthSouth Site Case Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Site Therapy Case Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Psychological Testing Supervision, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • SHBH Therapy Team Staff Meetings, Doctoral-Level Supervision
    • Training/Presentations/In-Servicing Given
    • Training/Presentations/In-Servicing Received

*Interns will be rated mid-year and at the end of their in-ternship year using the Psychological Trainee Competency Assessment Form

**At mid-year evaluation, all competency areas will be rated at a level of competence of I or higher. No compe-tency areas will be rated as R or E. If any area is below I, the respective primary supervisor will work with the EPC Director and Intern to follow the Intern Performance Prob-lem Policy to develop a plan of remediation and/or explore termination from the internship program.

***Interns must maintain at least an 80% level of compe-tence of HI at the end-of-year evaluation to be considered for successful completion of the EPC Internship

Interns are expected to completed at least 6 community presentations. The following is the schedule for the 2018-2019 training year.